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Would You Like To Attract Free Promotion From Journalists and Media Outlets?.

» If you are a small business enterprise in San Diego or Sterling Heights, Code Studio will help you write water-tight press releases to help you get media coverage or as part of your marketing strategies.

Unlike media pitches, press releases provide a factual account of something about your business that’s worth media attention. Journalists take note of well-written press releases that are relevant to their industry. If you establish a reputation for providing factually accurate and thoroughly edited press releases, you might become their go-to source for credible news, translating into long-standing relationships. As such, it becomes 10x less stressful to get media coverage with your future press releases.

Company publicity is vital to any small business looking to expand its customer base. And with our top writers, we will help you become a regular source of accurate press releases that journalists can trust. Since journalists deem press releases a trusted source of information, this will increase your brand awareness campaigns among customers. Additionally, with such a credible brand image, it becomes easier for you to control the narrative during an unexpected internal crisis.

Thoughtfully crafting press releases to rank higher on search engines is one of our strengths as a digital marketing company. Our top writers will first research keywords to identify keywords we can target when crafting the press release. And we go the extra mile to repurpose the content into other formats, like blog articles, if you want it that way. Combined, this approach will help bolster your SEO campaign strategy to outmatch your competitor and gain more customers.



Discover Our Process

  • Getting in touch with you: The priority here is to figure out what industry your business serves and an overview of the topic you’d like a press release for. We will also explore your needs and the target audience.

  • Discussing the pricing structure: In a one-on-one discussion, we will discuss the deliverables and the pricing package that fits your budget. Then, you can hop down below to see how various press release packages are designed.

  • Exploring your guidelines: We are also interested in whether you have specific topics in mind or if you would like us to develop topics from scratch. Discussions about your predominant brand voice that you’d like us to mimic and the expected length/word count also suffice.

  • Crafting and reviewing press releases: This should take up to seven days tops, depending on the number of press releases you want. After writing, editing and proofreading, we shall send the press releases to you for feedback. Our writers will review the press releases and adapt them to your feedback, and that’s it; they ready for publishing.

» Whether you have upcoming product launches, mergers and acquisitions, upcoming events, grand openings, or you are rebranding your company; our experts will write your press releases with a genuine journalistic tone. 

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