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10X Revenue.

Increase Online Orders & 10X Your E-commerce Revenue Fast.

» The ease of getting your products in front of shoppers via e-commerce websites is one of the most notable affordances of the internet, and with monthly E-commerce SEO, your can 10X your income stress-free. But, of course, to multiply your income and achieve consistent revenue growth, you must get certain E-commerce SEO strategies right month after month. And that’s where Code Studio’s E-commerce SEO team comes in. We are a skilled team of highly experienced marketers that will help your products get discovered and bought – successfully.   



Your E-commerce Site.

As the E-commerce landscape becomes increasingly competitive, businesses need an effective E-commerce SEO strategy now more than ever. If you want all the above strategies to be part of your E-commerce website, jump on a call with our top E-commerce strategists to discuss the details. 

For us to have the best shot at keeping your sales pipeline constantly flowing, we start with an in-depth analysis of your website. The following questions come to mind during our analysis:

  • First, what’s your competitive landscape?
  • What are your goals and target audience
  • What’s the dominant brand voice?

That’s just a snapshot. Ultimately the goal is to formulate a customized plan to address issues arising from the audit.

We also need to know how shoppers search for products they want from your E-commerce website. This is fundamental to our SEO plan. Unsurprisingly, customers have different ways of formulating words for products they want to buy from your E-commerce site.

Not knowing what search terms customers like to use is a surefire way of getting the SEO strategy wrong. Therefore, we need to cast a wider net via keyword research to nail down keywords you might have missed in your product listings. It should also help us generate subcategory keywords that align with your category keywords/pages. 

A logical site structure helps search engines like Google better ‘understand’ and rank various pages on your website. Besides supporting SEO efforts, it helps shoppers to navigate the website easily and find products. Whether launching a new website or redesigning the current one, we will help you map out site navigation components and implement an efficient internal linking structure. The main objective is to maintain a top-level user experience. 

You need to be able to track, measure and analyze revenue, customer interaction with your website, and product performance. Besides, there’s always room for improvement and an opportunity to reduce costs and refine your business decisions based on data. Therefore, we will set up Ecommerce analytics integrations to help you track customer behavior trends and help you make key business decisions. 

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