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» Imagine your San Diego customers discovering your business online 10X faster. And not only that, picture them finding their favorite products and services due to your website’s excellent user-friendly features. It’s incredible, right? Yes. You can become your customers’ go-to in your industry, and we at Code Studio Inc are here to help you achieve that.

» We have established ourselves as the digital marketing agency of choice for small businesses in San Diego, CA, and Sterling Heights, MI. Marketing for small businesses keeps your pipeline with leads, and with Code Studio, you: 

So if you’re looking for help launching a new business website, redesigning your existing website, branding your business and marketing campaigns, or refining your content marketing strategies, Code Studio is here to help. So book a call today or email us at [email protected]. 


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» Look at the vast digital ocean – your San Diego local business is competing against several other businesses. But that’s exactly why we are here! We are a team of creative graphic designers, web designers and developers, and network engineers from San Diego, CA., and some of us live in Sterling Heights, MI.  Since we opened our business, over 90% of our clients have returned for our ROI-oriented services.

» Working within an integrated team, we coordinate our work to help your business display the professional image you would like to convey. Our talented team strives to make the smallest details count and fill the void in your marketing efforts. Do you have a clear plan, or no idea where you start? We break it down for you if you need a brief on the go, as well as guide you throughout the process. Our motto? That everything is possible.

» On average, it takes about half an hour to respond to our client’s requests. We discuss every detail of your design and marketing plan and help you figure out critical additions that meet today’s expectations. Over 10+ years, we’ve gathered experience providing different types of digital solutions to various SMEs, including: 

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First impressions matter in every aspect of the customer’s digital experience. At Code Studio, we are proud to be your lead brand designer. From the conception of the brand identity to designing the business’s logo and integrating it with your website and other marketing strategies. 

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A strong logo and a business’s unique selling point are inseparable. We start by understanding your business’s goals and the image you want to portray. Our team then creates various logo concepts for you to explore. With our experienced designers, we will design a logo that captures your SME’s vibe and energy.

Visually represent your business’s statistics clearly and concisely via infographics. Our team is adept at designing brand visuals that beautifully combine text, graphics, and numbers to capture your brand message. Also, your content needs to be broken down so readers can easily skim through it and inspire them to share it with their friends.

Working with your marketing team, our graphic designers will create sketches that determine the best way to display your content and deliver the final digital graphic after your approval. And this cuts across all your brand awareness campaigns, including social media posts and ad design.

Through our 10+ years of experience in design, we have learned how custom packaging design elevates your brand and boosts sales. We will work with you to create creative concepts that make your product packaging appeal to customers. Whether you provide the concepts or our team develops the concepts from scratch, you will always be involved in every step of the process.  

Our designers have retail and consumer-ready brand ideas waiting to bring them to life. Ultimately, our designs are executed based on in-depth market research and customer feedback.


Search Engine Optimization.

While our branding service gets you an eye-grabbing digital outlook for your SME, our local SEO service helps you increase organic traffic to your website. Everything we create aims at getting your business discovered 10x faster than your competitors. Here’s how: 

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On-page optimization can do wonders for your business’s website. It’s the practice of tweaking your website page’s technical and content aspects to achieve higher rankings. If done correctly, search engines will better understand your content pages and scale their rankings. But you have to strategize, and that starts with a content audit. And given that Google constantly alters the search algorithm for the benefit of readers, on-site optimization is a never-ending quest.

Our team will work with you to determine what content your target customers are after and how it needs to be written.  But if you already have content that needs reviewing to increase traffic to your website, we are delighted to deliver your brand through various on-page strategies, including:

  • Research industry-specific keywords that address your users’ search queries. The priority is to create content that features those keywords.

  • Create readable content that doesn’t overuse keywords and is broken down into headings, subheadings, and bullet lists. This content accommodates search engines and human needs, aka SEO writing.

  • Optimize the content pieces with visuals like infographics, images, and videos, which immensely boosts SEO and provides opportunities for backlinking.

  • Tweaking title tags along the lens of search-intent keyword use, topical relevance within a page, the fitness of the content piece/page within the overall site hierarchy, and much more.

  • Optimize meta descriptions to match the content on the page, incorporate the focus keyword, and fall within the 155-character limit. It vastly influences a page’s click-through rates (CTR) even though most SEO experts do not consider it a search engine optimization tactic.

Whether you need fresh content for your website or have content that needs optimizing, we will use the above strategies to skyrocket your local business’s rankings on the internet.

Customers are constantly looking for products and services via Google. This is where a GMB listing is a vital local search asset for both web and foot traffic. While an online presence assures a global reach, it’s at the local level where small and medium-sized businesses compete and obtain most of their revenue. And that’s especially true for physical stores like auto glass replacement workshops, retail shops, gyms, and many more.

With Code Studio, expect to get an optimized GMB account that makes your business feature in most online searches. We will optimize your listing according to the following:

  • How well your GMB listing matches your customers’ search
  • Your storefront’s location relative to your customers
  • Trustworthy factors like the number of reviews and review score


Our GMB optimization strategies lean on up-to-date techniques that set your business on a path to success without breaking a sweat. While it can be fairly easy to optimize your GMB listing, long-term GMB listing management is where most San Diego and Sterling Heights businesses fail. You don’t want your users to have a bad experience searching for your business on GMB, which can result in negative reviews.

Whether you want an audit of an existing GMB account, including long-term management of the listing, our team is ready to deliver. Our strategies for managing your Google Business Profile consist of the often ignored aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Professionally responding to customers’ reviews, whether positive or negative
  • Answering customer questions in the Q and A section to build trust and awareness
  • Updating the listing with newer information about the business, e.g., newer products and those that have already been sold


So if you want to get leads from people searching for “your city + your industry,” Code Studio can help you optimize your GMB listing for such opportunities.  

Despite creating awesome content and optimizing your pages for local searches, link building is crucial in driving traffic to your site. Most experts regard it as the greatest aspect of digital marketing. Our team understands the ins and outs of link building and is happy to set your business in the right direction as far as link building is concerned.

Technically, if you have a great product and customers are impressed by your product or service, some who run excellent blogs might link to your site as a sign of appreciation. But for the most part, link-building is a deliberate long-term process, often with long-lasting results. We have helped build links for all types of businesses as part of their digital marketing in Sterling Heights, MI, and San Diego, CA.

With our link-building knowledge, we will help you build a strong portfolio of links pointing to your site. Of course, link building is not done in isolation; it’s largely due to building excellent content, relationships, and brand building. Done well, those three techniques build authority that Google prioritizes when allocating traffic to websites.

We carefully analyze thought leaders and influencers in your industry worth building relationships with and reach out to them (outreach). For example, we might ask them to check out an excellent infographic or content piece that we created for you, especially if it’s useful to them as well. While we might not get a link from them on the go, this marks the beginning of a meaningful long-term relationship.

They might reach out to you in the future, requesting something from you for a link in return. If they do, linking to your content pieces can increase organic traffic to your website and generate leads and sales for your business repeatedly. Best of all, we already have established relationships with noteworthy individuals in various industries whom you can reach out to for backlinks to your website.


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Refine Your Customer’s User Experience.

» Code Studio started out of its founders’ observation that many digital products deliver subpar digital experiences to their users. While our scope expanded to include other digital marketing strategies, we are talented at creating functional apps and websites with delightful user experiences for our SME clients. Turn to us for the following web services.

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In the competitive and ever-evolving digital landscape, SMEs need to constantly innovate and design solutions to compete and meet their customers’ needs. With our experience designing B2C solutions and consumer apps, we will create highly usable systems for your customers and workforce. We ask the right questions about problems your business would like to address and augment them with in-depth research.

Our thoughtful UX researchers and pixel-perfect engineers follow modern trends and explore ways to incorporate them into your applications and systems. They experiment and find answers by conducting workshops with clients and brainstorming sessions. Whether you want us to modernize your existing interface or build an app from scratch, Code Studio will ensure your project requirements are met. Our UX/UI designs fit all platforms, including the web, iOS, Android, and VR.

At Code Studio, our UX & UI team works with our front-end team to deliver a more delightful and high-impact user experience for your website or web application. We understand how costly it can be when the back-end team works on the software without involving the front-end team. Therefore, before embarking on our client’s project, we ensure our collaborative team understands the client’s objectives and perspective.

Working together, our team develops a solid plan of action that communicates your brand message and addresses user problems. Ultimately, our goal is to create, deploy, monitor, and adjust the software to ensure its serves both the clients’ and users’ needs in the long term. With dozens of projects already successfully completed by our team, our front-end development expertise includes the following:

  • Web application development with any type of complexity, e.g., web portals, content management systems, progressive web apps, and much more
  • Mobile application software for Android, iOS, and hybrid functions
  • Desktop application systems development for various platforms
  • Cross-platform mobile application development


Make your customers love your website, themes, and mobile and web applications by leveraging our front-end development expertise. It is about building products that evoke a deep emotional connection while maintaining excellent functionalities.

If you are particularly interested in leveraging feature-packed open-source software and building a robust website for your business, then inquire about our WordPress website design and development service. Accounting for almost 20% of internet traffic, WordPress is the go-to free software for most small businesses kickstarting their digital marketing in Sterling Heights, MI. The content management system powers: blogs, complex web portals, enterprise websites, applications, e-commerce stores, forums, and portfolios.

Hiring a reputable company like Code Studio to work on your Word Press development is a worthwhile investment. We tackle the back-end stuff and the visual elements for a differentiated user experience when your customers visit the site. Here are some noteworthy features to expect:

  • Third-party integrations/content management systems like Salesforce and Hubspot for running and managing your marketing campaigns
  • Search engine-friendly interface for SEO tools, visual sliders, and custom forms plugin integration
  • Custom-built themes that communicate a distinct brand message and provide a unique user experience through extensive functionalities
  • Growth-oriented Woocommerce stores


And our Word Press development service is not just a do-it-and-forget engagement; we also provide maintenance service to all our customers. This includes quick core updates, daily malware scans, monitoring Google Search Console and other marketing campaigns, and daily backups.

Cross-device user-friendly experience is another critical service that Code Studio proudly offers its customers. Now more than ever, Google awards more traffic to websites designed to be user-friendly across all devices, from PCs to tablets and mobile phones. With more customers searching for products and services from their smartphones, you don’t want to miss out on such leads.

Our talent pool of designers builds websites that dynamically change to fit all screen sizes without compromising the user experience. In addition, our team prioritizes a mobile-first approach during every responsive design project to help your business maximize mobile traffic.   

Ecommerce continues to see wide adoption across various industries in which we serve. We have grown hundreds of client businesses through Woocommerce, Shopify, and Magento. Code Studio will help you determine the best platform for your business, depending on your objectives and preferences. A professionally designed eCommerce website is responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


We understand the importance of having a robust custom-built website with various functionalities and integrations. Our eCommerce design integrates various conversion-oriented features into your website in a way that guarantees high conversion rates. Whether it’s a basic eCommerce feature or sophisticated attributes and filters, look no further than us.

Here’s what you should look forward to:

  • Distinct eCommerce website design that conveys your brand image and vision
  • Custom eCommerce functionalities for an easy shopping experience and management of your store
  • Payment system integrations that facilitate various payment gateways
  • ERP integrations to improve your web-store functionality, ensure up-to-date pricing for your products and streamline various business processes.


Code Studio also builds restaurant online ordering and delivery systems, empowering restauranteurs to manage their deliveries efficiently. With our dedicated technical support, you cannot go wrong in trusting us to deliver a user-friendly delivery system. Besides restaurants, our system can serve other establishments like dark kitchens, wine bars, cake shops, and pharmacies.

Let’s Talk Web Design and Digital Marketing User in Sterling Heights and San Diego .

» Code Studio professionals offer branding services, local SEO for small businesses, web design, and eCommerce services with products built from scratch or design improvements to existing products. We work independently to execute your vision, but if you want us to work with your in-house team, we are open to partnerships. Our focus is designing for you solutions that will generate unlimited leads and cash flows and builds long-lasting professional relationships.

» Book a call today or email us at [email protected], and we will contact you.

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