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» If you are looking for an ongoing SEO service that is cost-effective and with a guaranteed high ROI, then Code Studio’s monthly SEO maintenance service is the best bet. With our service, your marketing strategy isn’t confined to hourly or project-based SEO, where growth can be hard to track. Our highly trained team begins with a site audit to uncover what is dragging your SEO campaigns, and if you recently launched, we are happy to design a long-term SEO strategy. 



Monthly SEO Services.

When you subscribe to one of our monthly SEO package plans, your website will be allocated a talented and dedicated SEO strategist. Their job will be to execute the SEO plan as described while leveraging other top writers and SEO specialists within our company. Granted, here are various SEO strategies we use to skyrocket your rankings. 

Keyword integration is the foundation of all content designed to get high traffic to your website. First off, we will begin with keyword research to explore the available keyword opportunities for your content. Then, our team will integrate relevant keywords into your content using keyword metrics such as intent, volume, ranking difficulty, and traffic potential.

The goal is to achieve an even keyword distribution throughout each specific content piece without messing up the flow and brand voice. As if that’s not enough, we are competent at targeting long-tail key keywords, which are a high ROI opportunity and difficult for your competitors to replicate. 

We restructure your URLs to be as simple as possible and include the most relevant keywords that correspond with the actual page’s content. Plus, we remove unnecessary keywords to avoid keyword stuffing and make the URLs memorable.  

Internal links are the most efficient way to access sub-pages on a website. Search engines also use them to rank pages and assign relevance to content pieces. Furthermore, internal links help bolster the user-friendliness of a website. We are competent at optimizing them to improve your rankings and help the customer easily navigate your site. For instance, we optimize internal links’ anchor texts with words that better describe the pages they lead to. We also check the link distribution to ensure there aren’t too many links per page. Other optimizations include making internal links visually appealing, strategic placement at the beginning of the text, and checking for relevance. 

You must have heard that content is king. The above strategies cannot supersede the significance of quality content creation. And because we are a data-driven company, our content creation starts with a website analysis. The objective is to collect data about content gaps and the type of content the audience enjoys reading. We have top writers with years of SEO writing experience who will spruce up your writing and turn your content into the most shareable pieces on the internet.

Besides the above SEO strategies, other techniques include:

  • Optimizing websites for better user experience on mobile
  • Google My Business listing optimization

Are you ready to turn your website into a treasure trove of new customers with our monthly SEO service? Our team of SEO professionals is ready to improve your SEO strategy month after month. So book a call today or email us at in[email protected], and our strategist will reach out to you.  

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